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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before placing any order from DinnerDrops.com site. By accessing DinnerDrops.com and placing an order, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and our terms of use policy. If you have any questions relating to these terms and conditions, please contact us at contact@dinnerdrops.com before you place an order. If you do not accept these terms and conditions in full, please do not use DinnerDrops.com service.


Our mission is to bring your favourite local dinners to you at home or work – fast.
DinnerDrops.com lets you order fantastic food from your best-loved local restaurants which otherwise may not offer delivery to your area. We are building up our restaurants menus, so as well as delivering fast food from restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s, Subway and other restaurants in Burgess Hill on your behalf. We will soon be adding new menus from as many local restaurants who offer a takeaway menu, offering you the variety of the freshest Italian Dishes to local Pubs Sunday Roasts, all delivered hot and fresh to your door. We at DinnerDrops love our dinners and want to provide you a service you could recommend to your friends and family. Dinnerdrops.com is family owned and run. You can contact us at contact@dinnerdrops.com for any inquiries.


Dinnerdrops.com offers an order and delivery service from Local Restaurants currently based in Burgess Hill and covering delivery to surrounding towns and villages. Upon entering your postcode, you will view a list of restaurants which we can arrange delivery from to your area. If you live outside the delivery areas, a message will appear on the screen notifying you that we do not cover your area at this time and followed by information about applying for a franchise opportunity in your area. We do not accept orders from individuals to a postcode in which we do not cover. Operating hour are 11.00-23.00 7 days a week excluding Christmas day but may vary depending on local trading conditions and the availability of our the Restaurants. Choose the restaurant from the main menu to see what hours they are open for orders. You may also pre-order up to one day in advance.


Upon placing an order through DinnerDrops.com, we will confirm the order back via email if the restaurant has accepted the order. If for some reason the order cannot be processed we may call you to deal with the matter faster. Only once the payment has been received, and the restaurant has accepted the order, will we then agree to provide our delivery service to you. Make sure you have entered your correct email address as this is our first means of communicating with you about your order. An accurate address and telephone number are also required so that delivery may arrive at the correct location. If our driver/rider arrives at your address and after ten minutes we cannot get in contact with you via knocking on the door or calling, we reserve the right to leave the premises, and you will be charged for the order and delivery charge. Re-delivery may incur an extra delivery charge. We do not get involved in the cooking process of your food orders, but we try only to upload menus with an excellent reputation. If you have a complaint about the order you have received you may contact us via email on contact@dinnerdrops.com, and we will look into the matter for you usually within 24 hours. Restaurants will be monitored on performance, and customer feedback and poorly cooked orders may result in the restaurant losing their place on DinnerDrops.com.


All orders are subject to availability. We may offer an alternative for any item not available and may do so after a confirmation email is sent to you and in this circumstance, we will call you.
Delivery of the order in a fast and secure manner is our primary service and although we will always try our best to please, some problems leading to non-delivery may occasionally occur. We will always try and be as fair as possible in the unfortunate event of a non-delivery, a full refund may be offered as well the possibility for a coupon for a discount on your next order. We always aim to deliver within one hour from when you receive confirmation of your order. However due to the nature of the areas we cover, please allow up to one and a half hours if you live in the outer parts of our delivery zones. This time limit may also apply during busy order times.
Food may have nuts and traces of nuts as well as other allergenic ingredients. You must check directly with the Restaurant before ordering if you have any allergies. DinnerDrops.com cannot guarantee that any of the products listed on the restaurants’ menus are free of allergens and we only act as a collection and delivery service on your behalf.


You can cancel any order provided it has not been accepted by the restaurant yet. You can cancel an order by calling us on 01444306090 and please do so as soon as you are aware. DinnerDrops holds the right to cancel any order and will tell you once we have done so. You will not be charged for orders canceled by us but may be charged for orders canceled by you. Refunds may be immediate or after 23:00 the same night. Any order canceled after the restaurant accepts it will be charged to you.


Our service is to process your order, pass it to the supplier than to arrange its collection and delivery to you. For our service, we charge a commission per item which is included in the displayed prices.
We arrange your delivery with proven independent delivery teams, and we collect their fees for you which are rated by the zone you are in. Prices may change at any time. However, we will not alter the price of an item after you have placed an order unless the item has been priced incorrectly and if this is the case, we will contact you via the email or phone number you provided upon order before we accept your order. DinnerDrops.com will supply menus at a price set by the restaurant only for DinnerDrops.Com Member Restaurants.


All alcoholic items purchased through this site are bought directly from “Off Licence” 12 Station Rd, Burgess Hill RH15 9DQ. Off Licence is a regulated vendor on our site who hold the relevant licenses to sell alcohol for the purpose of consumption off the premises and we only provide a delivery service for their products and charge a service fee for the collection and online listing and of their products. All alcohol delivered by us will only be handed over after the driver has confirmed proof of age. We will accept only valid passports and driving licenses as valid proof of age. Any customer that does not provide proof of age by the two methods we accept will not receive the alcoholic items and will still be charged for the delivery charge, and a service charge of £1 per item will be deducted from the refund. If you do not accept these terms and conditions or are unable to provide proof of age at the delivery point, please do not order alcohol as you will be charged for the service and will not receive the items.


Dinnerdrops.com holds no liability for any loss or damage caused by items being delivered, the service or manner and timing of any serviced offered by us. Neither Dinnerdrops.com or any restaurant involved are liable for any loss or damage caused by using our service. Upon legal matters being taken we hold the right to only compensate up to the total order price and not more.


Neither Dinnerdrops.com or any restaurant involved in any of our services will be liable for any delay or cancellation caused by situations beyond our control. These are anything that could disallow us from providing our service.


If any part of this agreement is proved unlawful or unusable, then no other part of this agreement is affected by this and remains legal.


This agreement is the final terms for all the parties relating to this matter and is final overall prior agreements or arrangements between all parties involved.


We hold the right to modify this Agreement at any time without prior warning by updating this page. These Terms are binding to you for using our service, and we urge you to read them thoroughly every time you use our services.


When using our service, you will have the choice of registering to become a regular visitor by registering with your Facebook, Google or Paypal account. It is advised that you keep these login details private and secure. If you have concerns that your credentials have been misused, you must make us aware immediately via email at contact@dinnerdrops.com, and we will take the required action to keep you secure. Dinnerdrops.com permits the use of our website for consumer purposes only, and we reserve the right to withdraw or block our service from users without reason at any time. We will not be liable if our website, for any reason, is unavailable or out of service for any period. We also hold the right to close off parts of the site from the public for maintenance at any time and for any amount of time.


You can access and use any service we offer as long as you are doing so lawfully and not in breach of any laws or terms set in this agreement. You may not misuse, change or copy the content of this site for any reason, and sharing content from this site is only allowed if it has been shared from within our site via the methods we have made available. You may not access, disrupt or change any part of this site or service or equipment without authorization.


We have created this site and service from start to finish ourselves and take great pride in our dedicated service, thus hold the right to be protected by the Copyright Laws in the UK and all other countries. As stated in section 13, you may not misuse, change or copy the content of this site for any reason, and sharing content from this site is only allowed if it has been shared from within our site via the methods we have made available. You may not access, disrupt or change any part of this site or service or equipment without authorization.


Restaurants menus, prices, and service may change from time to time, for example, restaurants may modify or add an ingredient in one of their dishes without informing us. For such reasons we cannot claim that all content published is accurate at the time of order and we will not be liable for any loss, damage or extra charge if any are uncured by any user of Dinnerdrops.com. We have been as careful as possible in creating this service and providing a stable reliable service for you, We are always on the lookout for incorrect content and thus hold the right to change any description, price or content on our site at any time, for any period and without prior warning.


When you use our service, we do keep some information regarding you and your order. These are used for accounting, future promotional use, We may also use these to see where we could have made your experience with us even more superior. We will never share or sell your details for any reasons except and if only it is required for legal reasons.


We have and will always try to keep links to a minimum on our site, with only the necessary amount to give you the best experience. However, where there will be links to exterior destination websites, we do not moderate these, and any content on them shall have no consequence on Dinnerdrops.com.


For any questions you may have please contact us via email at contact@dinnerdrops.com