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10 reasons to choose DinnerDrops

10 Reasons for your takeaway choice!

So why should you choose DinnerDrops? The local delivery service that claim to care about their customers and orders every time they’re called out?

Well now…Let us tell you some of the advantages of ordering your takeaway delivery through DinnerDrops! Any reason to show off our awesome service!
1 – MOST IMPORTANT – We care about our customers and try to provide them with a memorable and “orange” experience. We’re looking to get everyone singing our praises.

2 – SECOND MOST IMPORTANT – Hygienic and secure delivery method. We only use heat locked and highly recommended and industry approved food delivery boxes to ensure your order arrives hot and fresh every single time you order.

3 – We deliver meals from restaurants and takeaways that do not have a delivery service, letting you try a new local takeaway experience through us.

4 – Groceries, Yep,, if your ever in need of some emergency toiletries or even a bottle of milk for the morning, just add it to your order from our grocery store section and receive it with your order.

5 – Secure online order and payment system. We use the secure PayPal gateway for all orders, and this means that we do not store or hold any of your personal payment details on our servers for that extra security. It is super fast, super secure and you don’t even need a PayPal account to use it. No more waiting for your change while the driver fiddles through their purse!

6 – Great area coverage. We deliver up to 5.5 miles from the center of Burgess Hill. This covers all the surrounding villages to Burgess Hill and stretches all the way to Cuckfield, Haywards Heath, Plumpton, Ditchling and Hurstpierpoint. We use a fair per mile charge for our delivery service.

7 – Fast delivery, It takes on average 15 – 30 minutes for most orders to be prepared by the restaurants. We aim to have a driver at the restaurant to collect your meal before it is ready and upon collection he or she will deliver it direct to you in our heat locked delivery box without any stop offs, 1 order at a time. In the rare event that a restaurant informs us the order will be longer to prepare or they cannot process the order for any reason then we KEEP YOU INFORMED, and orders or items that cannot be processed are offered a different option or an instant full refund.

8 – We have Style! Don’t know if you realized but we like the color orange and we have taken great pride in our staff uniforms and corporate colors. When we come to your door, our radiant orange boxes and uniforms will let you know your dinner has arrived and we hope that you remember our colors when it comes to your next takeaway as it represent the local delivery service that cares about our customers and their orders every time they come to us.

9 – Local service supporting local restaurants. We started in May 2015 and have since grown to love the restaurants we collect from. Burgess Hill has proven itself to be full of great restaurants offering a really good local variety of meals. All the owners and staff we have dealt with have been so pro! We are proud to be supporting and delivering their meals every single day.

10 – Variety Variety Variety. You can choose a different restaurant every night. Thai, Steaks, Indian, Italian, Chinese, KFC etc etc and still be sure the delivery will be handled by the number one local delivery service when it comes to customer care, food hygiene and variety.

We hope to deliver a meal to you soon so you can try us for yourself.
Restaurant meals delivered

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review us

We’d appreciate your feedback as we strive to give an awesome service to all our locals and rely on your feedback to see how we can improve or if you think we are doing a good job we’d love to hear that too.
You can review us on either google+ or , just follow the links below and tell us how you found your experience with us.

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Thank you in advance if you do take the time to review us.

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What is

What is DinnerDrops?

Our mission is to bring your favorite local dinners to you at home or work – fast. lets you order amazing food from the best loved local restaurants who otherwise may not offer delivery to your area. We are building up our restaurants menus, so as well as delivering fast food from restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s, Subway and other restaurants in Burgess Hill on your behalf, we will soon be adding new menus from as many local restaurants who offer a take away menu, offering you the variety of the freshest Italian Dishes to local Pubs Sunday Roasts, all delivered hot and fresh to your door. We at DinnerDrops love our dinners and want to provide you a service you could recommend to your friends and family. is family owned and run and you can contact us at for any inquiries.

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How service works?

How Does DinnerDrops Service Work?

It’s so simple!

1: Choose your order from the restaurant of your choice.

2: Go to checkout and pay.

3: Enjoy your dinner delivered by us hot and within the hour.

If you are unsure if we deliver in your area, you can check by going to here and enter your postcode. If we are available in your area you can click on your area zone on the map for a link to the restaurant menus.

Don’t forget to create an account for easier orders in the future.

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Delivery Method

Delivery Method

Once we receive and verify your order, one of drivers or riders will head to the restaurant to pick up your meal which is pre-ordered* for that extra convenience and then it is bought to you fast and fresh.

*pre-orders are only performed with restaurants who have agreed to supply this service.

We keep your meal in a high quality heat sealed delivery box all the way from the restaurant to you. Guaranteed to arrive hot & fresh.

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Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We accept secure online payments via Paypal because it makes the order process easier and more convenient for you, us and also makes a safe working environment for our drivers. Sorry we do not accept Cash Payments. All PayPal transaction charges are charged to us and not to you.
(Feel free to tip your driver in cash.)

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Food Prices


Our service is to process your order, pass it to the supplier then to arrange its collection and delivery to you. For our service we charge a commission per item which is included in the displayed prices.
We arrange your delivery with proven independent delivery teams and we collect their charges for you which are priced by the zone you are in. Prices may change at any time however we will not change the price of an item after you have placed an order unless the item has been priced incorrectly and if this is the case we will contact you via the email or phone number you provided upon order before we accept your order. will supply menus at the price set by the restaurant only for DinnerDrops.Com Member Restaurants.

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Advanced & Collect Orders

Can I order in advance?

You can orders in advance up to one day before delivery and choose any time from midday on-wards that suits you best. Please be aware some restaurants only operate on certain hours of the day.

Can I collect my order?

Sorry we don’t take collection orders and all orders made through our service are for delivery only.

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Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Packaging will come in all shapes, sizes and colors depending on the dinners in them. We encourage all restaurants we work with to package the items in a way to maintain their temperature as best as possible.

On top of that we also keep your meal in a high quality heat sealed delivery box all the way from the restaurant to you. Guaranteed to arrive hot & fresh.

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Order Queries

Wrong Order or Missing Items

Call 01444 30 60 90

We understand that sometimes things may go wrong. In the rare case that this happens, you can contact us on 01444 30 60 90 and we will look into this for you.

Add an Item

Contact us on 01444 30 60 90 and we will do our best to add the item(s).

Late Orders

Our Drivers are always as quick as they can be, but sometimes delays do happen out of our control. If we know your order may be delayed we will call you and make you aware of this. Rest assured we will always try to deliver your order in the fastest and safest time .

Not Home During Delivery

We encourage you to order while you are home or as soon as you get in but if you think you won’t be at the delivery address in time to receive your order, please let us know by calling 01444 30 60 90 as soon as possible.

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We can not guarantee msg, nuts and all other allergenic ingredients are not in the food delivered and research should be done by the customer to make sure they are ordering the right choice.

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